Day One -29th July 2012

Firstly, some media. Then, the pecking order as defined on this day it seems.

These are pretty self explanatory;



The dogs met them;


Ok, now for the pecking order.

Conan is the one at the bottom of the pecking order, which has already formed. Olivia, rather sweetly, protects her from other birds by walking around with her and even body shielding her. Sabrina is the dominant, bitchy one of the bantams, she tends to peck Conan and others if they get in her way. Cookie is her friend but doesn’t tend to peck unless it’s Conan and she’s going for her.

The three bigger hens do give the little ones a peck if they get in their way but will peck Sabrina to give her a taste of her own medicine.

They all came out of the hen house except Sabrina, who is being grumpy in the nest box.

Thanks for reading!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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