Day Three -31st July 2012

Yes, today is Day Three.

One of the dogs got pecked on the nose by a BR this morning while he was trying to pick up some stray food from just outside the run. Made him yelp but he hasn’t needed telling again! The other, too excited dog got a little too close for her comfort so has also calmed down as the BR’s have now decided to peck the dogs whenever they see them come up to the run.

The cat tried it on when only the bantams were in the run to no avail, I think she’s realised she can’t get to them now.

Most of the day I just let them do their own thing. Then came the water bottle again. This time, though, if anybody properly pecks anybody it’s a spray in the face. That includes pecking me!

The exception to the rule is the BR’s pecking the dogs if they come too close.

I think Sabrina will get the message by tomorrow. Conan is very docile to stroke or hold, Cookie would take my arm off if she could, Sabrina needs time, the BR’s are fine to stroke or pickup when in the coop but not the run and Olivia doesn’t mind being stroked when she’s sideways on, just not too close to her head.

They’ve been scratching the ground a lot today. I might make a dust bath soon.

Maybe one of my hens is a cockerel, y’know. My guess is Cookie or Sabrina. It’s an hour til their nine pm bedtime so I’ll wrap it up now with the media of the day;




















About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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2 Responses to Day Three -31st July 2012

  1. yellowlancer says:

    Beautiful hens, especially the Frizzles:)

    • katesklucks says:

      Thank you very much and thanks for reading and commenting. I’m just trying to get the blog properly up and running. hink I just need to do a few more things such as make a header : )

      Wonder if a live hen cam would be a good investment? Hm…

      Thanks again : )

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