Day Nine -6th August 2012

First of all, thanks to everyone who has visited or told anyone to visit. The blog now has over 100 views in a little over a week! Which is really quite something. So thank you.

Here’s some pictures of clouds I took while waiting for agility to start;





Righty-o, today’s news/media!

So, let me tell you how I am spending time with the chickens on a daily basis.

Sometime through the day I will put on my chicken trousers and bring my phone and padlock key, along with a cup or so of mixed corn. We have their basic layers pellet crumble food and mixed corn food which is a treat type food.

So, I make sure the dogs are inside and the cat, too, if I can help it. Then I spend half an hour -an hour with the run door about 45 degrees open with the door propped so it can’t open anymore.

I put most of the corn inside the run with a tiny bit just outside the run. I sit cross-legged in between the door opening and the wire of the run. I let the chickens wander out if they want but don’t let them past me. I occasionally stroke or pick one up-depending on their reaction.

So now you know.

Ok, as you may know we have three identical Brown Ranger’s;



They do, however, have a slight difference. This is that they all have different tail feathers;




One appears to have no definitive ‘tail’, one appears to have one and one fans them out.

So, today the three sisters were very friendly towards me. I stroked and picked up all three of them;









Also I managed to get Sabrina to sit on my knee just like Olivia does. She enjoyed it but of course wouldn’t admit it.







She lets me stroke her now!




So today I picked up and stroked, successfully, all but Cookie and Conan. I didn’t pick up Conan simply because the BR’s scare her and they were near me all the time.

Now for the videos. Today’s different angle video was taken with the phone leant against the front of the Grub -the main container of the chickens’ crumble food. So enjoy!

We’re into double digits tomorrow!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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2 Responses to Day Nine -6th August 2012

  1. pekinmum says:

    Hey great blog, been having a good look and to my amateur eye it looks like Sabrina is a boy, a very red face suggest it. Sebastian might be a good name change if it turns out to be a boy. Conan looks like a Poland and Cookie a Sablepoot. Do the Frizzles have fluffy feet? If they do then they would be Pekins. Keep up the good work

    • katesklucks says:

      Hi, thanks for visiting and commenting. Yeah I thought Sabrina is a boy, if she starts crowing and not laying eggs then we will have to give him/her away. Shame as she is my chicken 😦

      The Frizzle’s do have fluffy feet yeah. I’ll get pics for tomorrow’s post.

      Thanks for saying what breed Conan and Cookie are, I was wondering.

      Thanks again, I hope you continue to enjoy!

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