Day Eleven -8th August 2012

It’s day eleven and I’ve got enough for the post already!

I did have something in mind for today’s post but so much has occurred that I can save it for tomorrow. What I do have to say though is that if you are thinking about getting chickens but not sure if it’s for you (I’m sure it is), or have any other doubts then I would recommend one of Sara’s courses. I went on this very course and am very, very glad I did. I probably wouldn’t have a chicken blog now if I didn’t! There’s a course tonight and the info is here. Honestly, Sara and her husband are delightful, the information you receive is priceless (I was very nervous about holding a chicken), and you get hands on experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Did I mention there’s homemade cake?

Ok, are you sitting comfortably?


(That’s rain water on the chair- nobody pee’d themselves)

So, I have been thinking of doing a dust bath probably since I first heard of them a week ago. Today I had decided to make one. Luckily, I had this box from a failed attempt at gardening. All the plants were dried up and dead, (ones not in this box are doing well), so I figured I would use it for my dust bath.

I took out the plants, added some compost, water and some corn to make it interesting;




I probably did it wrong and if I did then no problem, I can just do it again.

So, I put on my chicken clothes and decided to put on my fingerless-optional gloves, which I don’t wear anymore apart from occasions such as this.

It’s very difficult when inside to secure the door. After a few tries, I used one of the green door securer peg things sideways but the door stayed shut so all was good.

I crawled in the run before half standing up, making my way past the hens to the very back of the run, before placing the tray in the corner. It fit perfectly between the wheel and the back of the run.

I sometimes wish that there was a door on the back of the run, but then again sometimes I don’t.

Refilled the small water container no problem.

Got out fine, all chickens fine and dandy. However, there was a thought niggling in my mind. It shouldn’t be right in the corner. I’m quite OCD about certain things and some thoughts I can ignore and some I can’t. This was the latter.

It shouldn’t be right in the corner.

It shouldn’t be right in the corner.

It shouldn’t be right in the corner.

It shouldn’t be right in the corner.

It shouldn’t be right in the corner.

Right. Ok.

I unlocked the door and returned to the inside of the run.

What I had not noticed until about a minute afterwards was that the door had opened.

When I finally had the tray in the right place for the annoying thoughts to disperse I looked around to clear my exit route.

Only to find three of the chickens had escaped out the door.

After spouting a choice word or two, I backed out of the run and made damn sure that the door wouldn’t open again.

As if things weren’t bad enough, I noticed that not only were there chickens loose, but that the three chickens were the ones that didn’t like being picked up. Conan, Sabrina and, worst of all, Cookie.

Another choice word.

Bantams run fast, you’ll never catch them. The cat’ll come and run off with one or more then you’ll get shouted at. They’ll fly in a tree and either not know how to get down or something will eat them.

So I followed the three around, trying to grab one whenever I could and keep them away from the trees/bushes.

I managed to get Conan and as she normally does when I pick her up, flapped like mad. I couldn’t open the door and keep hold so I opened the nest box door, placed her in there, shut and locked it.

Now things get more difficult.

The remaining two stayed together, pottering about my garden with me lunging whenever I could. Conan had gone back into the run by now.

After about ten more minutes I managed to get Sabrina into the run.

Now is the really tricky part. Cookie. We eyed each other up.

I tried to catch her, I tried to sit down. She didn’t like being without Sabrina so basically for the next fifteen or so minutes we were going round and round the run.

Then I kept the door slightly open with one hand, knelt down and kept the other hand on my lap. I made sure no other chicken escaped while keeping my eye on Cookie.

She came close to me a couple of times and when my hand didn’t go for her, quickly rushed in the door, which I shut, locked and double checked about five times.

I will make sure that if I need to go in the run fully like that again there is someone else there.

Ah well, it’s all a learning experience!

Apart from that ordeal, they were enjoying the sun;









Dust bath;



Cookie sort of understood it;


Welcome to dust bath cam;

I also tried giving them a dead snail (hindsight shouldn’t have given them anything with a shell, won’t do it again) and a dried up worm;

The other videos;

See you tomorrow!


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I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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