Day Twenty -17th August 2012

Hello all,

Today’s theme is;

Chickens and Cake!

Now, my cakes have a reputation for looking rubbish but tasting very good (apart from my Mississippi Mud Pie, looks and tastes great). Today I made a Chocolate Marble Cake;



From the bits that ‘crumbled’ off I can say it lived up to my reputation.

Ok, cake part over.

Normal media;

Little chicken gets bigger by standing on Grub;




So, my chicken that was unwell yesterday stayed in the nest box until about four pm.

We phoned Surrey Poultry who we got our BR’s from and we decided she had a Impacted Crop. Force feeding some prescribed rice and olive oil with some help from Conan preening her bum where poo had stuck (was going to bath her soon).

So we didn’t get our first egg today but I’m not too disappointed. The hen did a little yellow greeny slimy poo so that’s good.

We found out that she is a greedy chicken, too much corn on the cob. Sweet corn on its own is fine, just not on the cob.

She’s much better after she ate but still a long way to go. We’re taking her to SP tomorrow unless she’s totally better (unlikely) so will let you know.

Today when she came out of the nest box she was slow, standing with her eyes shut in one place a lot then wobbly walking to a new place a short while away. She didn’t eat or drink.

After eating, she was more awake, though she still closed her eyes. She was still a bit wobbly but nowhere near to how she was. She didn’t go up the ladder by nine so I carried her into the nest box.

Let’s hope she flushes her system during the night and then eats and drinks to make up for it.

Here’s media of when she was in the nest box this morning;






Videos of her;

See you tomorrow!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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