Day 22 -19th August 2012

Hi all!

Well, I’ll start by saying that today is day two of worming and the chickens I have currently in my Eglu seem very healthy. Tonight I used the mite-kill on them which took about half and hour, not counting the hour of lots of post-washing and bathing for me. So that’s done for six weeks and the worming almost done for a month. Though worming is quite simple if you keep on top of when you need to do it. So, future Kate reading this, TIME TO WORM AGAIN.

Monica, the sick chicken staying at Surrey Poultry for a few days while she (hopefully) gets better, is still hanging in there! I’m informed by Caroline that she’s “…still quite sick and her sinuses have now blown right up…” but that she managed to get some wormer into Monica today, so hopefully she will be recovering tomorrow and passing those little critters.

Caroline and her husband are awesome chicken people. They truly care for them and will do EVERYTHING they can for their chickens. Therefore, I know that they will do everything for Monica and am very grateful. I am also very glad none of the others have any.

Just a few pictures today;




Ok, today the six girls got hold of a strange blue- horned caterpillar;

Then we found another one that wasn’t all too good after the dog had pawed at it;


So we gave it to the chickens. Media;

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya tomorrow, it’s only a day a-way!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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