Day 26 -23rd August 2012

It’s Day Twenty-Six and I have loads of media for you!

So, don’t get me wrong, the Eglu Cube is fantastic. However, as most owners agree, the clips that come with it are not.

There is an easy and cheap fix. A few days ago I took a little trip to Homebase and, finally, got some cable ties. A pack of 100 is about £4, so very good value for money. So, I probably overdid it a bit, but I used one every two gaps for the joints on the run under the cube. Every four gaps on every other joint except every gap for the top to side joints and round the top. Then I cut off the ends;


Here’s Cookie and Sabrina;


Cookie by herself;


Conan, Phoebe and Sabrina;




Phoebe and Hyacinth;



Whoops, forgot to number one six!

Ok, today I found out that my chickens love leaves!


I’m not sure if they’re good for them or not but a couple won’t hurt!

Tomorrow we have some young visitors!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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