Day 27 -24th August 2012

Top of the evening to you!

Early this morning I cleaned out the Eglu ready for the chickens’ visitors.


So then we had some visitors. Olivia was good as gold as a friend’s two year old held her really well, needing no help !

I didn’t get any pictures of it though.

Yes, today I discovered that Conan really likes mushy food and that they all like cabbage. But not crackers.


By the way, this is the new bedding;


Also have been thinking of getting two medium/large size hens of two different rare breeds. They would have to be good egg layers too.

Thinking about the Marraduna Euskal Oiloas. They are friendly, recommended and great egg layers. Pretty, too. Trouble is getting one. Hm, I’ll keep you updated.

Today’s media.



Hyacinth (and Sabrina);


Hyacinth, Phoebe and Sabrina;


Finally, Olivia;





About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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