Day 31 -28th August 2012

Hi all, so today we have our first Tweeter Treat!

That is to say, an interview with one of my Twitter chicken friends!

The first is Sara Ward from @hencorner

Twitter username; @HenCorner

Number of chickens; 8 hens with 6 eggs due to hatch today

Name, age and breed(s) of chickens(pic of each if possible);
4yrs: Pearl (Crested Cream Legbar),
3yrs: Butternut (Buff Orpington), Ascot (Silver Laced Wyandotte),
2yrs: Salt (White Leghorn), Duracell (Copper Black), Cinnamon (Columbine),
1yr (hatched here last summer): Bunty (Chocolate Bantam Orpington) and Barnie (Barnevelder)

Chicks hatched: you’ll have to subscribe to the blog for that story!

Type of coop; Eglu Cube & Eglu Go

Bought or handmade? Bought from the lovely people at Omlet

Time had chickens for; Just over five years, we started with an Eglu Classic & two hens, Pepsi & Shirley, in our old garden (see pic)

Any other pets; 40,000 Honey Bees, 5 Fish in the pond, 2 Cats, 1 Hamster

Location; Brentford, West London


Thanks very much Sara and good luck with your new chicks! I will be checking the updates regularly!

Not much news from me except to say that;
1.)The first egg can be expected any day now!
2.)I moved the two big water containers to near the door, under a shade to decrease the dirt that fell into them.
3.)Conan doesn’t tend to eat her dry food, so I mix water in it like so;


Mmmmmm, appetising!

My media of the day;







Until tomorrow!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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