Day 38 -4th September 2012


Maybe If I do it early then no-one will notice…

Cue Pink Panther theme music!

So, anyway, “today” not much occurred. Phoebe and Hyacinth seem to go in the nest box then come out so hopefully that means eggs soon.

“Today” I replaced their food and water. I was using a watering can for the last bit of Glug water and turned round to see a wet snail crawling out of the spout. It made me jump;


So, I gave it to the chickens!

Only joking, I set the snail free.

Also “today”, I gave them some boiled sweet corn and bits of a cabbage. When I changed their food/water, I took out the husks. This is now a special treat after what happened with Monica.


I did try to take videos when they ate the sweet corn, but it didn’t work. Going to have to sort that out.

So here they are, eating cabbage;

“Today” ‘s other media are as follows.





Olivia and Sabrina;


Sabrina and Olivia;


See you “tomorrow”!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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