Day 67 -3rd October 2012

Hi all!

Today I’m deviating from the norm and posting about a different animal which I happened to encounter today.


This is Andrea the newt. Was originally called Andy until my neighbour pointed out that “he” was actually a “she” . Apparently male newts have speckled/spotted bellies.


I found…her…floating alone in a box full of water. Apparently newts aren’t very common.

So anyway, I get quite attached to animals. Only pets and live animals I find.

One of my neighbours pond is no longer inhabited by any wildlife as they have stopped taking care of it.

I decided not to leave her here. There were no friends for her and it didn’t seem right.


She seemed to enjoy walking quickly on my hand, like hamsters do; so that you have to keep putting one hand in front of the other.

So I was in my garden when I asked my other neighbour, (who I forgot had a pond), what I should do. She suggested her pond, which she maintains. I went over and we saw other newts and frogs in the pond. I knew it would be a good home.


Take care, Andrea!


Ok, as for chicken-related things; another egg today.

Tried to take video at bedtime- twice, eight minute clips each. But my phone was playing up.

Finally fixed but only for two minutes and change. So, here’s how the chickens go to bed!



About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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