Day 76 -12th October 2012

Hello there!

Did you have a nice break from this blog?

So, nothing much has been happening. Getting around an egg a day; reason I say around is because sometimes we get none, sometimes we have to uncover it and sometimes we find two, presumably one they dug up and laid theirs neggst to! (Yes, we still have those).

As the days are becoming colder and windier, even on the sunny days, I tend to let the chickens out when it is cold and windy but not raining. As long as the cat is shut in.

In fact, as I type this, Phoebe (Her and Hyacinth look identical now but the one that’s not eating is Phoebe), is checking out the washing basket which I left on the chair by the line. Also, Hyacinth is fatter/bigger than Phoebe, I wonder why.

Of course, sometimes when you want them to go back in, they don’t want to. Anyone you tell how long you spent chasing a chicken will, in between laughing, say something like, “Why didn’t you just throw in their favourite food?”

That doesn’t work.

For my chickens, anyway. We’re giving them less mealworms now as they don’t go crazy enough for them. So today I have thrown in three corn on the cob pieces into their run and have kept one back.

Cookie has a visible comb now;


I don’t think Conan’s hair will let hers show anytime soon.

The chickens and the dogs are getting braver and more used to each other. Just a few minutes ago, one of my dogs, in about five seconds, ran across the garden, into their coop and legged it with a piece of sweetcorn. I didn’t notice until I saw her with something in her mouth.

Since that first time one of my dogs ran up and growled at a chicken who got too near his bone and I corrected him, no more incidents have happened.

Anyway, long enough post. Here’s some media;


Until tomorrow!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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