Day 78 -14th October 2012

Hi all.

It’s weird because at eleven this morning I had everything I needed to make this post. Yet it’s not for twelve hours that I do.

Today I went to Surrey Poultry and picked up more chicken feed as well as getting a look at cute two week old baby ducks and beautiful chickens.

Also met Bonnie the Collie for the first time. She’s a lovely dog!

I really do think of Caroline and John at Surrey Poultry as my go-to guys in matters of chickening. They really care about the chickens and are very lovely people. Spent an hour there today -about fifty minutes just talking!

Also, thinking about getting ducks maybe next year too -apparently they are lower maintenance than chickens.

Quails, on the other hand, are more sensitive about who they hang around with and can obviously do more damage quicker.

In today’s chicken news, we let them out a few times during the day. Excuse the coughing…tis the season!

Toodle Pip!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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