Day 83 -19th October 2012

Hi all!

Today, we have a new mystery to solve.

Our current mystery of where the nesting box golf ball went is still unsolved.

Second -when will I be bothered to update the egg log.

Thirdly -our new mystery!

Today, I checked the nest box and instead of finding a big brown egg I found this;


Yes, our first Bantam egg.

To compare with our normal Brown Ranger egg;


The mystery is…who laid the egg?


Sabrina, Conan, Olivia or Cookie?

I think Cookie as she has been spending some time in the nesting box for the past week-but then again all the bantams have been going in the coop sheltering from the cold recently.

Another option is Conan as she was very noisy when I was checking and she was roosting with Olivia. I have heard chickens like to let you know when they start to lay and she was noisy yesterday.

Dunno if Conan is meant to lay blue eggs though.

We got no BR egg today. Maybe they were less than flattered at their nesting space being used by the bantams.

The mystery remains!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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One Response to Day 83 -19th October 2012

  1. Good luck in solving your mystery. Fun, isn’t it.

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