Day 87 -23rd October 2012

Hi, firstly;

Ok, today I have solved one mystery;

Who was laying the bantam eggs?

To find the solution…well, it was quite easy actually.

I went to see if there were any eggs to find;

Yes, Cookie, sitting on a BR egg.

She left shortly after this video was taken. No little white egg.

But sure, you might say, she could have just been broody and sitting but not actually laying.

I thought this too, so I let the chickens into the garden and closed the door to the coop before resuming to clean the coop’s detachable bits on the patio.

But Cookie was squawking at me and going up and down the ladder.

So then I got the old dust bath tray and put the straw to be replaced in it before putting the eggs in the straw and setting it near where the chickens were.

But no, she didn’t like that. She flew through where the detachable side door of the coop was and squawked at me, so I removed the eggs and put the tray in there.

No, she flew out where the nest box door was; she didn’t like the tray.

Then I took the tray out and tried again.


So I replaced the door and side and tried again.

(This video was taken by the camera being in the small slots where the poo trays normally go)

But no, she didn’t like being watched.

Then, in frustration, she flew on top of the coop.


At this point, I would try anything;

Finally, I tried taking the straw out of the box, putting the side and door on and sitting back;

I could do nothing but wait. Once she had made up her mind, I could clean the coop itself and then get the chickens back in their run.

Low and behold, after 20 minutes of waiting, Cookie came down the ladder and I found this;


Putting it with the other eggs from today;



Mystery solved, phew!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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