Day 103 -8th November 2012

Hi all!

Phew, busy day today!

I used to comfort eat. About six months ago I had a root canal and nine fillings at the dentist.

Today was the first time I’d go, for my 6 month check up. I was dreading when it came to the part after they look at your teeth -when the judgment is. I’m not scared of needles etc at the dentist anymore because I had more than I care to remember in April/May.

I had been good since then…hadn’t I? Kept my sugar to the occasional cake slice, drunk more milk and water, only sugar free chewing gum and diet coke. Brushed my teeth two-three times a day. Read the labels on most everything I ate or potentially was going to eat to minimise sugar intake.

So I couldn’t need more work now, could I?

A very slightly wobbly crown caused doubts in my mind.

So, as you can imagine, I was quite nervous about what would be the verdict.

I told the dentist about the crown problem and he said he’d take a look.

So I waited while he said some letters and numbers to his assistant.

Oh no, the chair was coming up!

Verdict was;

(Dun dun dunnnnnn)

That my teeth were much better and apart from a filling and a hygienist appointment to book, I was free to leave.


Anyway, Day 103!

Thanks readers!

We’ve also been building a bonfire for our party on Saturday; we have the stuff to go on it, just need to move it down the garden.

Today we got one BR egg.

Of course I let the chickens out;




Media of the day;




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I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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