Day 109 -14th November 2012



This morning;


We have the chickens being chickens;


It was a very nice day for November today, which I was grateful for as Wednesday is my cleaning day. Therefore I let the chickens out;

Right, onto the cleaning itself.

I have an 3m Eglu Cube made by Omlet.

Firstly, the two poo/wee trays, which slide underneath the roosting bars very easily, I line with three sheets of newspaper each.

Cleaning them, I roll the paper into bin bags and lean them for a couple of seconds against the Cube’s side in order for any extra loose poo to come off.


Next, I put one against a lawn chair on the grass. The clip at the back is perfect for holding the tray still. I hose off the tray.


On the following, you will see that where the paper has leaked there are black lines;


These just need a quick rub. I keep two purple j-cloths under the coop’s cover;


Et voila;


On the following two videos,I show you how to unbolt the roof, the inside of the coop and the side door;

Now I show you how to take out the nest box door and roosting bars;

Now, to clean the roosting bars, do the same as with the trays. Don’t forget to clean the back, sides and in between the bars;


Leave to dry;


Now for the inside. Starting with the nest box;


I line this with two sheets of newspaper and then put straw in. I did used to use sawdust but straw is so much easier in every way, plus the chickens seem to prefer it.

As with the trays, I remove any eggs (placing them somewhere they won’t roll off), then put handfuls into another bin bag. Make sure you don’t accidentally put any eggs in there.

Such as…

A bench;


Or the hole in the middle of a table;



Just to name a few.

Yes, it does go everywhere.



Found this and thought I’d share;


For the nest box door, just a quick rub.



Just hose the rest out…


Then scrub those sides and by the door. Wash the ladder, too, if you like.


You’re done!


I tend to put the side back on and leave it to dry for a few hours.

This is when I noticed that Hyacinth was chasing the dogs;

Penultimately, as the door was shut to the chickens when they were in their run and I went to a Weave Workshop with one of my dogs, they decided to lay in the run.

A Bantam egg was laid in between the small water feeder and the Glug water feeder;


Also, a pink Brown Ranger egg was laid under the ladder;


So, after shutting them in for the night, I crawled into the chicken’s run in order to retrieve the eggs. 10 minutes, a change of trousers and two very washed hands later;



Finally, Olivia’s final thought;

Well said!


About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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