Day 159 -3rd January 2013


Skip to videos for chicken-related things. This is just me rambling.

I do believe we have had enough time to break resolutions. I don’t think I had even made one when the routine of people asking had begun.

So I thought that I would quite like to do some dancing. Ballroom dancing. Yes, like Strictly. I had found a class and was going to go early November but never did.

Another thing I’d quite like is to finish these books I’m writing. They’re more like a series of short stories, really. You see, I have been writing since I was around 12. Had a poem published at 12. Just a scout putting together some poems from children at different schools.

I took a break after that until I was 16, when I was, let’s face it, rather depressed for various reasons. I was often alone as I found it hard to make friends, partially because I was bullied a lot. That’s another story.

So I sat on a bench when I had free classes and at lunch. I also sat in an empty classroom when it was raining. I sat there and wrote, escaping into a different world. A world where I, to whichever degree, was in control.

Without going into too much detail, my writing was darker than when I was 12. That’s still my niche. Murder and Monsters.

I show the short story to an English teacher and my Psychology teacher. The English teacher

A few years pass. Over 150 pieces written. Here I am.

The first is written but needs editing. Still ironing out the fine details for the one (or possibly, two) sequels. So that is what I would like to finish.

Anyway, chickens;



About katesklucks

I am living in the English suburbs with two dogs, a cat and six chickens!
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