First Eggs

Hi all, my very first chicken eggs were discovered by me on Day 62 -28th September 2012. They were laid sometime between 10:00 and 13:40.

I was going to do my weekly cleaning. After closing the door and sliding the top of the Eglu back, I saw this;


From the nest box door perspective;


I closed up and left the door shut. I decided to wait to clean as I left the eggs where they were so that my family could see them where they lay.

So, when they had seen then, we took them out;


They were laid by Hyacinth and Phoebe. They are nice eggs, very good shells considering they are the chickens’ first.

I was expecting egg bound chickens, runny eggs and broken shells having to be removed manually.

Luckily, there was none of that!

Here’s the eggs in an Omlet eggbox next to store bought eggs;


On Day 63, the 29th September 2012, we cracked one of the eggs open;


As you can see/hear, the egg is a lovely egg altogether.

Let’s see what Spring, and the Bantams, bring!


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