Lessons I’ve learnt

Here I will document any lessons I learn;

•Chickens have a vent. Pee, poo and eggs all come out of this one hole. It looks like a moving pair of lips.

•Make sure all chickens are at least drinking. Chickens can be deceptive and pretend to consume food/drink.

•Don’t give corn on the cob every day. If you must, cook first and don’t leave the rusks in the run too long once all the sweetcorn is gone.

•The crop of a chicken is located slightly under the neck. When a chicken comes out in the morning it’s crop should be empty and then fill up as the chicken eats throughout the day.

•If the crop is still full, it could have one of two crop problems called Sour Crop. Sour crop is caused when the crop doesn’t empty fully overnight. If you think the chicken could have this, pick the chicken up and inspect the crop, preferably before it eats. If the crop is squishy or watery then open the beak and smell. An awful smell normally means that it is Sour Crop.

•If it’s Sour Crop then try a good amount of slightly heated olive oil down the beak. Make sure the chicken swallows and massage the crop afterwards. Good signs are pooing, eating and drinking.

•The other crop problem is called Impacted Crop. Impacted Crop/Crop Bound is the same as Sour Crop except when you inspect the crop in the morning it will feel hard and swollen, like a golf ball.

Taken from here;

“In both cases the bird is likely to seem lethargic, will lose weight and may make strange head movements due to the discomfort of the crop.”

•Online forums (message boards) are a good resource for when your chickens are sick or just to talk about chickens. There’s lots, of course, but two are; Omlet Forums and Backyard Chickens Forum.

•Worm chickens every three weeks. Easy to do; simply add a scoop of wormer for every chicken. Once a day for three days.

•De-mite every six weeks. To do this, pick a chicken up and dust everywhere. Under wings, by vent, etc.

•Chickens need water whereas they can do without food for awhile.


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